Michael Mittermeier presents Kurt Schoonraad

South African-Bavarian Comedy Experience

For many years the German-Bavarian Stand-Up Comedian Michael Mittermeier has performed all over the world, including England, Scotland, Canada, America, South Africa. From clubs to theatres and arenas, he has appeared with artists such as Eddie Izzard and at some of the most renowned festivals such as "Just For Laughs" in Montreal and the "Fringe Festival" in Edinburgh. Michael had the pleasure of performing with some great international comedians, and is delighted to bring one of his favorite comedians to Munich for this exclusive double-header show.

Kurt Schoonraad is one of South Africa’s most recognizable comedy personalities. He started his carrier in 1999 as a Stand-Up Comedian in Cape Town South Africa. The boy next door, observational style is characteristic and he has worked in several mediums for Stage, TV, Radio and Film.
He has shared the stage with many world class acts from Hollywood's Pauly Shore or Canada's Heavy weight comedian Russel Peters. Kurt Schoonraad is also the founder and owner of “Cape Town Comedy Club” in Cape Town. Furthermore he has been featured on the front page of the New York Times for his contribution to Comedy in Africa.
Michael and Kurt met in 2009 in Cape Town during an international comedy festival and got along like a house on fire.
They continued to communicate regularly and remained good friend s ever since.
This is a rare occasion that they are in the same country at the same time.

So don´t miss this exclusive double header show at a great location. The whole evening is going to be in English!
Einlass ab 18:00 Uhr * Beginn 19:30 Uhr * Eintritt 19,- €